2018 Retrospective

2018 was a year of many firsts. First birthday, first day of Kindergarten, first night in a Hobbit Hole, first time in the Middle East & Australia. We set out to make it a year of transformation, but in many ways we felt caught in a crossfire of pressures outside of our control. Looking back, we made the most of every moment, taking solace from the whirlwind in the company ofeach other. 

2017 Retrospective

In many ways, 2017 was a year of way-finding. Our arms outstretched into the unknown, we welcomed new life, new experience, and new challenges. Over dozens of cities and tens of thousands of miles, I felt this year that perhaps the world was not quite as inclusive and progressive as it seemed just a few months prior, and that the slow but steady advances of generations past appeared more at risk than ever before. At home and abroad, many familiar places felt tumultuous, changed, and alien. We took sanctuary in the simplest moments, in the dependable, and the predictable. Keeping the house. Folding laundry. Cooking meals. Where there was outward turmoil, we found solace in the simplicity of a shared meal, a child’s imagination, a baby’s first words. We emerge not unscathed - but wiser, stronger, more focused, and with a much wider lens. Wishing you all the best for the year ahead!

2016 Retrospective

Our family entered 2016 in a state of shock and loss. In many ways, we spent the bulk of the year attempting to find a new state of normalcy under the shadow of grief, which became increasingly difficult as the year pressed on and presented new encumbrances for ourselves, families, friends, and the world. I'm proud of our little unit for having faced all the year had to offer with unfaltering resolve, and having emerged stronger for it. This year, we've turned absence into renewed presence, and turmoil into purpose. 

Here’s 2016 In Retrospect, along with a few of my favorite tracks from the year. Happy New Year to all!

2015 Retrospective

I’ve sat on this a bit in light of recent events. Although 2015 ended unexpectedly, we had some incredible experiences throughout the year - filled with life affirming moments shared by family and friends. From this vantage point, it’s easy to see how the good moments overwhelmingly outnumber the bad. And for that, I consider myself pretty damn fortunate.

2015 in Photos, paired with a few of my favorite new tracks from the year as well. Thank you all for each moment shared along the way.

2014 Retrospective

I'm certain many of you will not sustain sufficient patience (or interest), but I enjoyed creating this nonetheless. Juxtaposed together, each photo from 2014 is a cell in film reel, 365 days of life distilled into 12 minute stop motion animation, paired with a few of my favorite songs from 2014. Thought I would share as many of you were present for these snapshot moments last year. Thank you for an amazing 2014 and best wishes for the year ahead.

2014 PlayNetwork Artist Showcase, Time Lapse

PlayNetwork Artist Showcase, spotlighting our very talented employees, complete with live music, art auction, DJ, and live painting. All proceeds went to fund Hopelink.